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Born in Borneo, Indonesia,  Santy is a multi talented artist with fine art, sculpting, fashion, photography and hair stylist background. Her natural artistic talent came from her father. At the begining she self taught painting ,and she already sold paintings in Indonesia and Singapore before attending fine art school later on.

Santy is independent even back when in her high school years she was helping her sister's salon bussiness. Saving money from salon work, to attend fashion school.

Eight months later she was offered and accepted the position as an assistent teacher to where she attended fashion school..

One of her achievement in fashion school was a finalist for young fashion designer competition in Paris Concours International des Jeunes Creatureurs de Mode 1999.

In 2003 she attended the fine art university, Jakarta Institute of Art. Here she was active with painting exhibitions, while also giving art lessons.

She was the top student at the Jakarta Institute of Art, grand her shcolarship from the school.

Santy and her husband Ben Gibson currently live in Easton, MD.

At the beginning she was selling  painting and commission oil painting and mural.

Afterward she devoted most of her time for cooking and gardening for over a decade.

Cooking both asian and international dishes with fresh ingredients from her organic garden.

In 2012 she dive in photography, got her first pro SLR camera and got to shoot for wedding. Also opportunity to shoot for Canon and some food and travel website.  

By 2020 she gained new skill in porcelain doll making.




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